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Skillful facilitation that leverages experience and reflection to move your group or company forward. I help LEADERS leverage what’s most important to your organization by designing conversations that expose the wisdom of your teams and external stakeholders. My experience is that people are more supportive of change than we think, especially if they help to design the change.



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Have a tough problem to solve?
Get hands-on leadership for making the changes that achieve success. I plan, engage, build relationships, create the case for change and bring stakeholders together to make it happen. At the end of the process, you will have a community of supporters for the direction you are taking.


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Reframe your toughest personal and professional challenges to create and assess more options. I can help you recognize and build on your strengths so you can address your limiting habits and constraints. Together we will tap into your creativity so you can meet any challenge.



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I help take business ideas from concept to reality and specialize where there is a need to balance profit with a social or environmental benefit. The move towards sustainable purpose-driven enterprise is an expanding field and will be a major factor in our survival as a species. I will bring my expertise in collaborative design, business planning and financial modelling to your idea.

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