Define and achieve your vision

  • Strategy for communities, organizations, collaborative tables and companies

  • Facilitation to help your group move from indecision to clarity and impact

  • Expertise in collaborative leadership tables, provincial and regional initiatives

Here’s how we can help you….

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How we work

Well designed conversations, deep listening, insight and design cycles to clarify what you want to achieve…and the pitfalls you want to avoid

Involve people from top to bottom effectively for easier and less costly implementation

Balance executive leadership and collaborative co-design to achieve the breakthrough you seek



Identify where values, perspectives and motivations converge to illuminate the path forward 

Spread ownership of the change to all levels of the organization to ground shared investment in success

Focus on the most effective levers to influence change

Craft visual tools to explain, solicit constructive feedback and bring everyone along



Explore and find new sources of funding or revenue that facilitate achieving your goals

Align the change with your long-term vision so everyone understands the bigger purpose behind the change

Spend less capital - budgetary, social and political

Build, strengthen and transform relationships for future initiatives