Define your challenge

Whether you want to build a strategic plan, a new initiative or a business, think: act consulting can help.  Our principal Kyle Pearce, has decades of experience moving organizations through difficult challenges, and building the foundations for success.

think: act consulting can assist by exploring different perspectives on the issue you're facing.  Our approach is to think about the problem from the perspective of the impact you want to have.  Then we assess what you already have in place and achieve what you need.

Involve others in the solution

The best solutions involve information, analysis and ideas generated from those most directly affected.  Resolving issues is much easier once we have engaged those who hold the key.

We can help you find the best hearts and minds for your challenge, and design a process for getting the information and buy-in you need.  Our process clears the way for shared success and long term solutions.  

make it happen

Our specialty is moving from abstract concepts to concrete implementation. We can help you create a framework for action whether you're starting from a "burning platform" or a long term vision.    

From governance and policy to relationships and process, we work with you to achieve your highest aims.   We can also help you communicate and implement the path forward, no matter how complex your project is.