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Kyle Pearce - Founder and Principal of think:act consulting.

I have a professional journey that’s allowed me to pursue my passion for making the world a better place in community services, social enterprise and sustainability. After a 15-year career in community services, I started think:act consulting as a way to help organizations get access to an outside perspective who can quickly join and lead internal teams to achieve great things.


I am an experienced and effective speaker, lead designer and implementor for ground-breaking initiatives and organizational change processes, and have particular expertise in solving complex problems with inter-organizational collaborations.  


I love:

  • Working with leaders and experts to formulate a practical direction for achieving ambitious goals, and a rationale that will be understood by everyone

  • Engaging dozens or hundreds of stakeholders in large-scale co-design that stays on track

  • Elegant solutions for successful prototypes, new strategic directions, and sustainable innovations


I am a recognized pioneer in designing and implementing lasting solutions that are based on deep listening and building effective relationships that cut through complexity. I integrate a wide range of perspectives and use visual tools to explore and then build convergent solutions from the ground up.

Academically, I studied political science with a focus on political economy in the developing world. My Masters in interdisciplinary studies at York University produced groundbreaking research on the links between whiteness, social identity formation, and the social and interpersonal codes that structure our daily experience.


think:act consulting has been assisting organizations to improve their performance, innovation and responsiveness since 2007. My goal is to improve the world for the benefit of future generations.


My central focus in life is being an “above average dad” to my two sons, and raising them to be confident, empathetic young men is my most important journey.

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Change Leader


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Living at the intersection of culture, systems and science.

Championing equity, sustainability and good governance.

Coaching individuals and teams to build stronger relationships and design solutions to critical problems.

  • Founder of Strathcona Community Dental Clinic, which removes barriers to oral health care for low-income children and their families in Vanouver's Downtown Eastside. Created innovative mised-revenue business model that has sustained the service for 22 years and 8,000 patients.

  • Leader of the only primary care initiative to enable every patient in a community to have a primary care provider (White Rock / South Surrey). Leveraged $164 million for primary care innovation in BC 


  • Active in gender equity and anti-racism initiatives, with a focus on helping those with disproportionate power to interrupt discrimination inside ourselves so we can dismantle power relationships in society.


  • Leading innovation in mining to transform relationships between mining companies and First Nations.

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