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Skillful facilitation that leverages experience and reflection to move your group or company forward. I help LEADERS leverage what’s most important to your organization by designing conversations that expose the wisdom of your teams and external stakeholders. 



Have a tough problem to solve?
Get hands-on leadership for making the changes that achieve success. I plan, engage, build relationships, create the case for change and bring stakeholders together to make it happen. 


Reframe your toughest personal and professional challenges to create and assess more options. I can help you recognize and build on your strengths so you can address your limiting habits and constraints. 



I help move business ideas from idea to reality. I specialize in situations where there is a need to balance profit with a social or environmental benefit. Build a sustainable purpose-driven enterprise to achieve your dream and address the pressing issues of our time. Or just make money.


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Kyle Pearce - Founder and Principal think:act consulting.

  • Process design.
    While technology gets much of the attention these days, real change comes through the way that people relate to each other. I design customized approaches that help you chart a course from where you are to where you want to be.


  • Skillful listening.
    When I engage clients and stakeholders, I extract deeper meaning from what they say. By asking targeted questions and listening to their thoughts and opinions, I am able to surface the deeper feelings, biases and values that help you chart the most successful course of action.

  • Analysis and systems thinking.  
    When projects begin it can feel like stakeholders are at odds with each other. Through good processes and skillful listening, we can always distill a convergent set of values and principles that form the starting point for developing a path forward.


  • Flexibility and responsiveness.
    Systems are dynamic and in business and service industries, a project plan that assumes absolute stability will fail to help clients reach their goals. I pay attention to the shifts in perspective and priorities and constantly revisit the project plan to be successful.


  • Coaching.
    People need to be heard and resistance is usually a sign that a person’s personal or professional goals are challenged. Being an empathetic listener helps me to achieve breakthroughs, find your next superstar and get better (and more enthusiastic) performance from your team.


  • Communication.
    Whether preparing a discussion document for stakeholder consultation, executive presentation, or a media strategy, I’ve done it.  My approach to engaging audiences helps to connect with the people you need to convince.


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Kyle is one of the best listeners I have ever worked with.  With his questions and openness, he is able to put himself almost directly into the context I am describing and get a truly thorough understanding of what I am looking for.  He is prompt, professional, and has a great sense of humour.

Dr. Rita McCracken

Family Physician, Associate Head, Department of Family Practice, Providence Health Care

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