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A Just Transition Delivered to Your Door

Have you thought about how much carbon emissions will be created as a result of your next on-line purchase or meal delivered to your door?

We need to reduce carbon emissions from urban transportation sources if we want to achieve a sustainable future. Because the last-mile package and food delivery space generates so much CO2, it provides an opportunity for us to make a big change.

Research shows that last-mile delivery emits 4.4 million tonnes of CO2 in North America, including 300,000 tonnes of CO2 in Canada.(1) If we increase adoption of Zero Emissions Vehicles (ZEV or electric cars) we can speed up the transition to a sustainable economy.

The last-mile space is predicted to grow by 78% by 2030, according to the World Economic Forum(2) so there is a great opportunity to reduce carbon emissions by making electric cars available to independent contractors who move packages, food and people.

Delivering a Just Transition is a new initiative that will bring drivers, lenders, companies and carbon credits markets together to make ZEVs attractive to delivery drivers and help transition this industry to significantly reduce emissions.


Our research shows that many delivery drivers are interested in getting an electric car if it is cheaper to own and operate than their current vehicle. Our business is to dramatically reduce urban carbon emissions, by helping drivers help the planet.

1 Clean Mobility Collective (CMC) and Research Group. Secret Emissions of E-Commerce, 2022

2  World Economic Forum. The Future of the Last Mile Ecosystem, 2020

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Zero Emissions in the Last Mile Space

think: act consulting inc. is doing research for a new organization that will help delivery drivers to buy electric vehicles so they can reduce CO2 emissions and costs and increase their revenue.

We will partner with drivers, financial institutions, governments, non-profits and industry to facilitate affordable loans. This will enable delivery drivers to purchase ZEVs. starting in the Lower Mainland and expanding to other urban centres in North America.

We will also acquire carbon offsets to reduce the cost of the loan for drivers. By combining these, it will be cheaper to own and operate an electric car than a gas- powered one.

Zero emissions, more income for drivers and peace of mind, all in your next home delivery!

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