Here are some testimonials from past clients...

Kyle has a unique capacity to connect and align diverse perspectives in ways that move groups of people forward productively without compromising their individual passions or collective purposes.  Hiring him is a good investment – and a good time.  His values, diligent and thoughtful efforts, structured and yet flexible approach, combined with a sense of humour and authentic storytelling, makes working with Kyle entirely worthwhile.

Derek Gent, Executive Director, Vancity Community Foundation


Kyle led us to develop a strong vision and produced a body of work that will enable us to move forward He approached the project with passion and energy but more importantly he was inclusive and sought feedback from everyone, whether it was someone in one of the engagements events or a member of our working group. Above all, I found you to be very open, respected my input and cared at a personal level about how I was doing.  It was my privilege and pleasure to work with you.

Dr. James Lai, A GP for Me Committee and Board Member, Vancouver Division of Family Practice

Kyle led a project that solicited key information from a broad range of stakeholders, many with divergent views.  This was achieved with an unprecedented level of engagement (for physicians which is very low usually). This information went on to inform the foundation of a city wide strategy for primary care renewal and attachment to GPs  

Kyle fosters innovation, system improvement and a patient centred concept.

Dr. David Hall


Kyle is one of the best listeners I have every worked with.  With his questions and openness he is able to put himself almost directly into the context I am describing and get a truly thorough understanding of what I am looking for.  He has a good understanding of the structure of healthcare in BC, but is not limited by what already exists.  He is interested in looking past the boundaries of our current situation and imagining what patients, doctors and administrators truly need to create a better primary care system.  He is prompt, professional and has a great sense of humour.

Dr. Rita McCracken Family Physician | Vancouver  Associate Head | Department of Family Practice | PHC


I participated on the Vancouver Division of Family Practice’s A GP for Me Working Group, and helped to lead the process of engaging physicians and citizens to improve primary care capacity.    

 Kyle led our group through a step-by-step process, and accumulated a vast amount of information from multiple stakeholders, including doctors, Health Authority managers and citizens.  Working with him really helped me understand how one goes about obtaining that information in a very systematic and methodical way – now I understand how it’s done. 

In a field where time is at a premium, Kyle is very concise in his communication.  It shows that he’s interested in me as a person, and balances it with a professional approach to the work at hand.

There's always something to learn when you're working with Kyle, He connects with that part of my nature that wants to grow, learn and develop, and that’s important to me as a person as well as a family physician who wants to improve primary care.

Dr. Ruchika Shukla, MD. CCFP


think: act consulting set up and led a process where Vancouver family doctors got to think about the system we'd like to work in.  It was great being able to explore solutions with like-minded colleagues (all wanting to help improve the system). A very positive experience. Boosted morale even just attending this - instills the faith that something good WILL happen soon

Evaluation comment from workshop attendee