The challenge:  Make it possible for patients in BC’s most rural and isolated communities to get health care without travelling,

The scope of the project included health care services for 300,000 people living in communities spread across an area the size of France and separated by great distances, bad weather.  

  • We worked with a regional committee that included the most knowledgeable clinical, technical and policy leaders in the province, as well as executives

  • We dug down what really mattered to them and built a framework of values, principles, goals and metrics to overcome the strong differences of opinion around the table. Then we built the plan with insights from the ground up, across the region

  • Built Executive support for implementation, and secured $500,000 to make it happen

  • The client is now introducing a technology that could be used anywhere and on any device, to deliver a range of clinical services, including post-surgical care, family doctor visits and team-based care.

  • Currently working on evaluation and reporting for the funder, internal stakeholders and Health Authority Executive.