Tele-Kidney Care

A new way for kidney patients to get health care without having to travel was being tested, and the team wasn’t sure if they had a successful program on their hands

  • Data sources had shifted over three years, and it was unclear how to measure progress

  • The team was dedicated to proper evaluation, and we used a combination of simple questions and rigorous statistical analysis to evaluate the program

  • The resulting findings were statistically significant and showed that the program was more impactful than the project leaders originally thought.


Travel Program

The Northern and Isolation Travel Outreach Assistance Program (NITAOP) provides funding to cover the costs for physicians who travel to rural and isolated communities to deliver health care services

  • The provincial committee overseeing the program was interested in evaluating the program and improving it

  • This applied research, combined with a participatory evaluation with key stakeholders across the province, resulted in several recommendations that go to the heart of this valuable program.

  • Simple policy and process changes save time and money, and make it easier for doctors to use the program.