Celebrating collaboration, part 1

My projects are generally prototypes or new innovations, and while I’m strong at unleashing my clients’ collective imagination, often I wouldn’t be able to deliver on them without the advice and technical brilliance of Scott Hughes, who operates Capacity Build Consulting.  Here are some of the challenges he has helped me and my clients to resolve:

·       Designing primary care business models from the starting point of the quality of the patient-provider relationship.

·       Annual distribution of $2 million in education resources, equitably for 1800 doctors across 102 rural communities in BC.

·       Calculating the social, economic and environmental savings from using videoconference to provide patient care for chronic kidney disease and other illnesses.

Typically, Scott and I will spend a few hours at a white board, and then shortly after, an ingenious solution will come across my desk, along with an explanation of the assumptions that drive the modelling that I can bring to my clients to help them understand (and adjust) the model.  In today’s environment where we need solid financials to ensure the sustainability of solutions, Scott’s talents are charting the course to a new set of system improvements that affect healthcare, housing and community city services.

I’m a small part of his work – Scott also helps organizations to build complicated business models to achieve a social purpose.  In addition to having a very smart, analytical and creative mind, Scott and I share similar values that make our collaborations both interesting and impactful.  Scott can be found at capacitybuild.ca.