think: act and Kyle Pearce

Kyle Pearce is the founder and Principal of think: act consulting. Kyle has been a Facilitator, Strategist and Change Leader for over twenty years.  He is an experienced and effective speaker, leads design for ground-breaking processes and has particular expertise with solving complex problems with inter-organizational collaborations,.  His innovative approach to change includes:

  • Working with leaders and experts to formulate a practical direction for achieving ambitious goals, and a rationale that will be understood by everyone

  • Engaging dozens or hundreds of stakeholders in large-scale co-design that stays on track

  • Elegant solutions for successful prototypes, new strategic directions and sustainable innovations

Kyle is very effective with designing and implementing initiatives in the collaborative space that is composed of industry groups that have very different interests and perspectives, but have chosen collaboration to further their shared aims. For example, the health care system in BC has committees comprised of physicians, ministry and health authorities, with an intent to improve the system overall.

The opportunity or need for collaboration is also present within large companies and organizations with departments that have evolved distinct cultures. Often these groups have very different ways of identifying reward and managing risk, and they struggle to solve problems together. 

The space between institutions and departmental cultures provides unique opportunities for initiating, co-designing and grounding changes that have the power to transform an industry, the way that we achieve our mission and even how we see each other.  

Kyle is a pioneer in designing and implementing lasting solutions that are based on deep listening and building effective relationships that cut through complexity. He integrates a wide range of perspectives and uses visual tools to explore and then build convergent solutions from the ground up.

Kyle studied political science with a focus on political economy in the developing world, His Masters in interdisciplinary studies at York University produced groundbreaking research on the links between social identity and the social and interpersonal codes that structure our lived experience.

think: act consulting has been assisting organizations to improve their performance, innovation and responsiveness since 2007.     Our goal is to improve the world for the benefit of future generations.


think: act brings the most involved and insightful minds to consider issues at hand.

think: act brings the most involved and insightful minds to consider issues at hand.

Kyle is one of the best listeners I have every worked with.  With his questions and openness he is able to put himself almost directly into the context I am describing and get a truly thorough understanding of what I am looking for.  He is prompt, professional and has a great sense of humour.

Dr. Rita McCracken, Family Physician, Associate Head, Department of Family Practice, Providence Health Care

Kyle has a unique capacity to connect and align diverse perspectives in ways that move groups of people forward productively without compromising their individual passions or collective purposes.  Hiring him is a good investment – and a good time.  His values, diligent and thoughtful efforts, structured and yet flexible approach, combined with a sense of humour and authentic storytelling, makes working with Kyle entirely worthwhile.

Derek Gent, Executive Director, Vancity Community Foundation

I had an opportunity to work with Kyle Pearce in my role as the Lead for the Tele-Kidney project. We contracted Kyle and his team to assist the project steering committee with evaluation of the data and create a report of our 3 year externally funded project. I am impressed by his inclusive and collaborative style of working with a diverse group of team members to making an extra effort to capture all the perspectives for the report. He was very approachable, flexible and respectful of everyone. The report was delivered on time and the final product was excellent! 

I highly recommend him and his team for project evaluation in healthcare setting. 

Dr. Anurag Singh, FRCPC, PhD

Thanks to you, our Strategic Plan is a beautiful piece of work. It is the perfect balance of bold, ambitious, visionary, and logical. Your way of supporting everyone's voice, embracing structure and fluidity at the same time, and your ability to ask the right (open ended type) questions led us to this perfect place to launch our organization's next five years.

Sarah Lusina, Chair of Trout Lake Community Centre Association

I enjoyed working with you and your team, Kyle. You are clear, concise, organized, open-minded, flexible, ensure all stakeholders provide input, You are prompt, timely, and thorough.  You allow people to be heard but incorporate and synthesize only the most salient information.  You know whats extraneous or person-centric and identify that and take it for what it is.  You also identify what is truly a system improvement.

Dr. David Hall, family Physician

Kyle led our group through a step-by-step process, and accumulated a vast amount of information from multiple stakeholders, including doctors, Health Authority managers and citizens.  Working with him really helped me understand how one goes about obtaining that information in a very systematic and methodical way – now I understand how it’s done. 

There's always something to learn when you're working with Kyle. He connects with that part of my nature that wants to grow, learn and develop, and that’s important to me as a person as well as a family physician who wants to improve primary care.

Dr. Ruchika Shukla, MD. CCFP

Kyle is a pleasure to work with and skilled at building coalitions among a diverse range of stakeholders. My most recent work with Kyle involved working with community organisations across the North to improve HIV and Hepatitis C prevention, harm reduction, care and support activities. He is a strong communicator, critical thinker, and very organised. I would definitely consider him for future health service delivery planning, implementation and evaluation activities.

Ciro Panessa Chief Operating Officer, Northern Health Northwest