think: act consulting focuses on surfacing collaborative solutions, and them making them impactful and sustainable.  We integrate a range of skillsets, tools and perspectives from several sectors.  We integrate the perspectives of your staff, leadership and stakeholders, to help you make sense of the best course of action, and then help you make it happen.

think: act consulting has a track record of doing what’s never been done before…and succeeding.  Some of our accomplishments (for more details, see our Case Studies) include:

  • Developing a plan to improve the health care system in Canada's third-largest city, by engaging one-half of the city's doctors, and thousands of residents from all walks of life -  so that more people can have a family doctor;
  • Building a provincial team of subject matter experts that supported three new organizations to increase health care system capacity, and in so doing, generate several innovations that will help others to address the problem across the province of BC;
  • Coaching leaders of Aboriginal HIV and AIDS organizations to build a stronger relationship and compelling case for putting that issue at the top of the health care agenda for the Ministry of Health and the new First Nations Health Authority;
  • Creating businesses that combine reasonable revenue expectations with a social purpose.  The "G8" is a model of primary care that creates a critical mass of family physicians and interdisciplinary care providers to improve access to family doctors in Surrey and North Delta.  The Strathcona Community Dental Clinic generates a surplus while it enables every child in Vancouver to get treatment for their teeth;

Beyond the skills that think: act consulting brings to bear, Kyle engenders a collaborative approach that is characterized by patience, listening, and demonstrating an authentic concern for helping his clients do good things.  think: act consulting considers the situational and long-term needs of their clients, at all levels of the organization.

Even when we're in the middle of sorting through the details of each project, we keep our eyes on the prize:  think: act consulting is a business that helps to create a better world for generations to come. 

What we bring

think: act consulting leverages the expertise of its principal and selected associates as funders, social enterprise developers, leaders in collaboration and access to health services for marginalized people.  think: act consulting provides a range of services including:

  • problem definition integrating a range of perspectives;
  • key stakeholder interviews, research and analysis;
  • initiative planning and delivery.
  • facilitation of small, medium and large events;
  • corporate and public presentations;
  • strategic planning for business or non-profit
  • business planning with an expertise in social enterprise;
  • leadership and executive coaching;
  • generating alternative perspectives on complex issues facing big systems;
  • stakeholder engagement through in-person and virtual engagement.
think: act brings the most involved and insightful minds to consider issues at hand.

think: act brings the most involved and insightful minds to consider issues at hand.

Some Background:   think: act consulting has been assisting organizations to improve their performance and responsiveness since 2007.   We work with service providers and citizens, managers, leaders and executives to take stock of a situation, assess how to move their agenda forward, and implement a path of action that will move their vision forward.  Our goal is to improve the world for the benefit of future generations.

think: act consulting is a sole proprietorship based in Vancouver. We bring expertise in health and social services, business planning, funding and organizational systems, as well as skills in communication, community engagement, research and analysis, and executive coaching. 

 We start by acknowledging that our role today is a small but important part of your large and crucial project and that the best we can do is to build solutions that will benefit people now and in the coming decades.  We are humbled by the experiences that our clients and stakeholders bring to the table, and our role is to move forward innovative approaches in a rapidly changing world. 

We start by looking at a problem from several angles and assist stakeholders to identify and build a common perspective.  We leverage this shared approach to move beyond the previous ways of speaking that may have kept us from being successful.  Our service-specific description in the Appendices includes more specific details about how we approach each of our assignments.

What sets us apart:

Two things set us apart from other consulting firms.  First, we spend time and effort to build strong internal relationships to help people understand the short, medium and long-term impacts of the work being done, and how this will benefit them personally, professionally and as an organization.  We listen and ensure that people know they will be heard.  At the same time, we are clear about the extent to which any individual or group will influence the path forward.  In our experience, strong relationships and communication help everyone understand how we can work together to improve our impact.

We also believe in the power of capacity-building and shared learning.   We know that everyone has skills and talents to share, and while we love learning from our clients and stakeholders, we also feel that the longest-term impact a consultant can have is to build capacity so that organizations and individuals can do the work themselves.  At the end of the day, we want to work with clients so that we can plan ourselves out of a job 

Our toolbox:

In all of our areas of expertise, we bring several lenses to the issues being faced by organizations, groups and individuals, including:

Outcomes:  Deliverables are generally the basis for consultant work, but we are interested in how those deliverables will have the impact you need.

Systems:  We are interested in how the parts relate to the whole, what motivates or drives the different elements to operate in the way they do, with a focus on how to build more consistent, unified and integrated approaches.

Relationships:  Closely related to a systems approach is the role that individuals play within an organization, how able they are to improve the working of their department or organization, and the skills that are needed to do things better or differently.

Governance and Accountability:  While we all want to be creative and have control in our work, we are also responsible to high standards, legal requirements and to minimize liability.  think: act consulting explores opportunities to ensure that our clients can be flexible, while ensuring that the interests of organizations, communities and individuals are protected.

Change leadership:  Nobody in your field thinks that we cannot improve the way we do things. At the same time, there are real barriers to change.  We focus on the most promising areas – big and small - and help to make the case for change, including a vision so that people can understand what the result will be for them personally.

Collaboration and engagement:  The best way to make something take root is to involve people in its development.  think: act consulting has specialized expertise in building a collective framework for understanding and acting on issues so that everyone can share in the success.

Quadrant:  Most frequently, we use quadrant analysis to assess the motivations and influencers of change on individuals, but the approach is useful for helping groups to define problems, assess opportunities and map out the most promising strategies.

Constant innovation:   think: act is constantly on the lookout for new ways of understanding the complex world, and emerging tools for solving problems to help its clients address their challenges.  

Check our blog for some of our current thinking on big issues and how looking at things differently can help us to find a better, easier path that stands up to rigorous evaluation.